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Australian Gamer

Australian Gamer was one of the largest and longest running independent video game websites in Australia, created by myself and my good friend Matt Burgess. It started in early 2005 and had a readership of about 175,000 visitors every month. In 2012, was merged with the Gameplanet network to become Gameplanet Australia.

The site started with the intention of being an Australian version of Penny Arcade, with Matt ranting and accompanying comics drawn by myself. The tone was irreverent, the articles sarcastic, the updates sporadic – yet at our peak we had a team of over 15 writers all around Australia and became a successful and respectable online publication.


Some highlights include:

The AustralianGamer Podcast

Ran for over 200 episodes, at its peak was downloaded by 30,000 people per week. The format consisted of a 30 minute mp3’s featuring Matt and myself chatting about the latest gaming news each week. Regular special guests included other crew members, local developers, and online personality Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw.

“comic genius” – Atomic MPC

“the Roy and H.G. of australian gaming” –

“influential” – Sydney Morning Herald

“not just cartoons” –



Gaming Expo Hosts

Due to the outgoing and personality driven nature of, Matt and myself became the ‘go-to’ duo to MC and host main stages at gaming expos and events all around Australia, as well as feature on industry panels. Including:

eGames & Electronic Expo (Melbourne, 2006)
GO3 (Perth, 2007)
SupaNova (Brisbane, 2007)
GAME ON (Melbourne, 2007)
Fury Launch Event (Brisbane, 2007)
eGames & Electronic Expo (Melbourne, 2007)
SupaNova (Brisbane, 2008)
GAME ON (Brisbane, 2008)
GenConOz (Brisbane, 2008)
eGames & Electronic Expo (Melbourne, 2008)



Local Game Developers

Being initially based in Brisbane, we had a tight affiliation with the local game development scene (with at least half of Australia’s high profile developers located there). This gave us unprecedented access to do studio tours, exclusive interviews, and exclusively break stories on the state of the industry. We became strong advocates of the development scene, a passion that continues to this day.