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Game Damage

Videos 01 Jan 2012

Game Damage was a video game TV show pilot created by myself and friends Matt Burgess (Australian Gamer) and Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw (Zero Punctuation) back in 2008.

The idea was to create something along the lines of Top Gear for gaming, by combining sketch comedy alongside traditional studio panel discussions. We actually produced two pilots, the original which initially went up on Youtube and clocked in almost half a million views. The second pilot was much, much better; and you can view the trailer for it below:

The entire project was a HUGE learning experience, and gave me a momentous appreciation for those that create TV content. My role was not limited to being just one of the presenters, I was also the Associate Producer and handled all the Marketing and Social Networking.

In the end our Producer John Moss pitched our second pilot at Mipcom to international TV networks and distributors, alas to minimal postive responses due to the lack of interest in video game specific content.


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    December 5, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Yug. I think you’re sexy.

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