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Gameplanet Australia

Gameplanet Australia


Gameplanet is Australia and New Zealand’s largest specialist gaming media network. Operated out of both Australia and New Zealand, it has full-time staff in each country and is 100 percent independently owned.

In New Zealand, Gameplanet has been the leading specialist gaming publication for over a decade. In that time, Gameplanet has built and maintained a strong reputation for its professionalism and the high standard of its gaming editorial.

In May 2012, joined Gameplanet and began operating as Gameplanet Australia.

The well regarded AustralianGamer Podcasts returned as well, with myself and Matt hosting the new Gameplanet Show every week.


My title on Gameplanet Australia is Creative Strategist, which pretty much boils down to ‘come up with cool ideas to grow the website and community’. It also allows me to continue writing for the site, links below to the previews, features, and interviews I’ve worked on.

Preview: New Super Mario Bros 2
Preview: Sleeping Dogs
Preview: South Park: The Stick of Truth
Preview: Metro Last Light
Preview: XCOM Enemy Unknown

Feature: The best Australian made games you’ll never get to play
Feature: Sony E3 2012 Press Event

Interview: Chris Jones & Aaron Conners – Tex Murphy

Developed Down Under: Ski Safari
Developed Down Under: Penny Time
Developed Down Under: Catch the Ark
Developed Down Under: Battle Group
Developed Down Under: Triangle Man
Developed Down Under: Run Fatty Run