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Games 10 Feb 2012

As you might have noticed, I’ve been going through a bit of a retro phase at the moment, digging up old TV shows I watched as a kid and HD remakes of old games. Adding to that list is Earthworm Jim HD, perhaps the most bizarre and twisted platformer ever created.

My attitude towards HD remakes has been mixed, as it’s very easy to see it as a cheap way for a publisher to milk a franchise through as many different mediums as possible. After playing through Stranger’s Wrath and Earthworm Jim though I can honestly say I’m warming to the idea – especially when they go out of their way to add a little bit extra without detracting from the original.

Which is why I had such a rad time playing through Earthworm Jim again! The upped resolution showcases the spectacularly wacky environments, there are new additional levels that sit comfortably alongside the originals, and the game now has a multiplayer component. While there are not many people playing it online, the few rounds I joined were ridiculous flawed fun.

And that’s the thing I suppose – Earthworm Jim was ALWAYS a flawed platformer with floaty movements and inaccurate gun control. That’s ok though, I knew what I was getting, and it turns out it’s exactly what I wanted.

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