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It’s still Tricky

Events 06 Feb 2012

EA held a media event for the upcoming SSX game at the Red Bull HQ in Sydney, complete with real fake (!) snow, a pool table, and a snowboard simulator!

Rocking up with my partners in crime – Leigh Harris (Editor of MCV Pacific) and James Cullinane (Editor of, we got our priorities straight and headed straight to the bar. The venue was an awesome beatnik style brick room with a narrow balcony, chilled and packed with snow to get us in the mood.

A bunch of Xbox 360 consoles were setup with SSX playable, though all the TV’s were turned down while a live DJ played some tunes in the corner. A shame, as much as it’s important to have live music at an event like this, I was really looking forward to to hearing some Run DMC when playing the game. Seriously.

A pool table in the middle of the room occupied a bunch of journalists, but the massive snowboard simulator (complete with a bouncing castle style setup to cushion the inevitable falls) was going unused until I’d reached my 3 beer minimum requirement to make a fool of myself.

It felt more like standing on a mechanical bull than actual snowboarding, but hey, it was still fun! More of the crowd had a go after this, the most entertaining being Joaby from GameArena who predictably fell in the most spectacular fashion.

As for the game itself, head over to to read my preview.


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