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Massively effective

Events 27 Feb 2012

EA held a media event for the soon to be released Mass Effect 3 in Sydney where guests were invited to play the game on Xbox 360, sit down for a chat with BioWare Associate Producer Robyn Theberge, get their head photoshopped onto a Mass Effect character, win some fantastic Razer prizes, and mingle with select community members.

Plus there were some fantastic Mass Effect cosplayers at the event!

Still a bit dusty from the Vita event the night before, the media part of the evening kicked off at 3:30pm in the afternoon. Complimentary drinks were thankfully on hand to take the edge off.

It’s important to note that I’d never played either of the previous Mass Effect games, and I really wanted to get some hands on with the 3rd game to see what I thought of it from a newcomer’s perspective. You can read my preview over on

Sorry, sorry, did I mention the Mass Effect cosplay?

Yeah, ok, I’m done now.

EA also had Robyn Theberge, Associate Producer for BioWare out to do interviews, as well as the local Iron Monkey guys who were showcasing the iOS version of the game – Mass Effect Infiltrator.

At 6:30pm the event opened up to community members that had been specifically invited, kicking off plenty of prize giveaways.

I bailed not long after, as the hair of the dog wasn’t working well enough to keep the evening hangover at bay.

This was the beginning of a very long Mass Effect week of events for the local EA guys, so huge props to Snez, Jiggsy, Kirsty, Jodie, and the rest of the team for pulling off a fantastic event!

Check out some more photos below, or head over to the MCV Pacific facebook page for the full gallery from the night!

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