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The New Old Republic

Events 02 Mar 2012

EA held an event to celebrate Star Wars The Old Republic launching alongside with local servers powering up. A much lower key event than more recent EA fare, the location was a stark white room with a bazillion dollar projector, a bunch of high speed computers, some impressive Star Wars art pieces, and plenty of food and drink.

The big drawcard was Bioware Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo who had flown out to take part of the launch and was available for interviews with media and a Q&A session with the local community.

Now I have some friends who have obsessively been playing The Old Republic ever since EB Games decided to start selling imported copies earlier this year, though I try my hardest to stay away from MMO’s since there are things I want to actually get done on a daily basis.

That being said, it’s hard not to get a bit excited after watching the intro cinematic movies they showed at the event.

There was a nice smattering of local media represented, and later in the evening when it opened up to the community some of the Star Wars costumes were damn impressive.

I think I spent most of the time eating pizza and trying to guess how valuable the beast of a projector in the middle of the room was.

I did get some hands on time with the game, though it’s hard to really gauge what an MMO is like during a short play through without any context. That said, after talking to Dan Chiappini (GameSpot AU) we might be getting a group together to give it a go.

Good times were had by all, and the event was a nice transition into casual drinks with ex-THQ PR Manager Alan Moore who was in town for some drinks down the road later in the evening.

Some more photos from the event below, or as always check out the MCV Pacific facebook page for the full album.

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