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Twisted Black Beta

Events 12 Feb 2012

IGN AU and PlayStation Australia held a VIP ‘Black Beta’ event for the upcoming Twisted Metal game at the Oxford Art Factory. Free drinks, free gourmet hotdogs, a networked Twisted Metal competition with a Playstation Vita up for grabs, and Mr Cam Shea himself spinning tracks as the evenings DJ.

It seems here in Melbourne the Oxford Art Factory is a hot spot for gaming, hosting a THQ/Capcom competition the week prior, and the Insert Coin(s) event prior to that, and until Mana Bar Sydney opens up I think it’s probably the best spot as well!

I’d heard of the IGN Black Beta events before, though had never had a chance to attend one due to the whole living-in-a-different-state issue. The space wasn’t too cramped, the promo staff were dressed appropriately, and there were plenty of TV’s and consoles about to let everyone have a try of the game! In a nice nod to the series, they even had the original Twisted Metal (Playstation) and Twisted Metal: Black (Playstation 2) playable alongside the new series entry.

The new Twisted Metal game was always on my radar, and after playing it I can definitely say it’s sitting on my ‘must have’ list for March. Without getting into a full blown preview (I’d imagine most of you already downloaded the beta) I’m a huge fan of the unapologetic carnival nature of the presentation. I just imagine the developers in a room asking each other how to combine the most evil images in the most ridiculous situations (Demonic clowns driving round in a Ghostbuster Ecto-1 vehicle?).

The event culminated in a networked tournament that looked like it was difficult to pull off, however IGN Producer Beau Ushay handled the MC duties nicely. Finally I need to pay tribute to IGN’s very own Cam Shea who played DJ for the evening, I wasn’t aware of this extra-curricular talent and was well impressed.

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